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Geldira is a land of knights, lords, and wizards. Located on the continent of Venora, the Geldiran territory spans the lands of the North, the South, the Heartlands, the Mountains, and the Crownlands.

To the East of the mountains is the kingdom of Kran’siil. While “kingdom” is a generous word to describe the loose congregation of nomads and chieftains, they all do swear their honor to the Khan in the city of Thila.


Geldirans all swear fealty to their King. It is a true male-preferenced monarchy. High Lords hold dominion over their Lords, who in turn hold dominion over Lesser Lords and Barons.


Geldiran Religion is relatively common to all the territories of Geldira, with the exception of Boran. The Boranites worship The Great Dragon who they believe still lies dormant under their subterranean halls.

Professions on Venora are varied and common to most Medieval societies.

Magic and Shamanism play a part in the cultural climate of Venora.

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