To Kill a God

KG Session 6

“On the Great Dragon’s Wings”

“The Great Dragon wanted our heads! He killed hundreds of us, hundreds of his loyal worshipers! How do we answer that?

“For centuries, we defined ourselves by our faith in the Great Dragon. We trusted that he was a beneficent god, but what do we do when we discover our god is merely our prisoner? What do we do when our Savior comes to kill us?

“I’ll tell you. We find a new savior. Someone who literally saved us from the monster we called ‘God’. We find a King.”

-Father Torold, Priest, formerly of the Order of the Sleeping Savior
“I have seen the light of the new dawn.”

“A Dead God”

“They murdered Him. They murdered our Savior, our one true God. He came to us, full in His glory, and began His selfless work of sending His unworthy supplicants to His domain in the sky.

“What greater honor could we receive than to be borne to Heaven, as the Book foretold, by the righteous claw of the one true God?

“But yea, the defilers came and killed our God. They shall pay dearly for this great evil.”

Father Bollu, Priest, Order of the Sleeping Savior
“We will avenge Him!”


“Baa. Beeaaaahh. Baaaaah.

“Beeeeeea. Beeeeeh.


Sigurd, Sheep


Each character gains 1000 XP.

Additional Experience:

Best Roleplay: -——————————-Blade +15XP
Highest Single-Hit Damage: -————-Edmund Walker +50XP
Most Damage Taken: -———————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
DM’s Choice (“Theocide”): -—————-Edmund, Ahna, Mikael +30XP
DM’s Choice (“Cats Unbagged”) -———Ahnastahsya +5XP
DM’s Choice (“Level-Headed”) -———-Sir David +10XP



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