A Meeting in the Woods

KG Session 4

Trust is Key

“Go with them. Take the Prince.

“They didn’t kill him. You have to trust me. Have I been wrong before?

“Exactly. And I’m not wrong now. You all need each other. Go where they will go and I will meet with you when the time is right.

“Listen I don’t know who killed Gelmar, but I know it wasn’t those four. I can’t tell you how I know, not yet, but remember, trust is key. I’ll see you soon.

“I know, Edmund. I know.”

-The Old Woman,
“I will be back soon.”

The Bridge

“Mommy! I saw heroes last night! They fought away the bad men!

“No, mommy! It wasn’t a dream this time! It wasn’t! The bad men came up the side of the bridge like clink clink clink and the heroes killed them and threw them back into the water like stab and splash and one of them tackled a bad man and punched his face!”

“I’m not making up stories, mommy! I’m not! Look! See this stain on the ledge?

“That’s where the bad man died.”

-Jan, Traveling Child
“I want to be a hero some day.”

Potion Time

After escaping the bridge and sleeping the next day away in North Stonebridge, the heroes feel it is time to set out again. They uncork their disguise potions, drink deep, and… nothing happens.

It would seem that the potions have been rendered ineffective for some reason. The adventurers must make their escape without the aid of magical performance enhancers.

They climb out the window and have almost made it to the woods outside of town, when they hear from behind them:

“It’s them! Gettem!”

-Jeremiah, DM
“Dear dear, we are in trouble now, aren’t we?”


Each adventurer gets 400 XP.

Additional Experience:

Best Roleplay: -——————————-Sir David Honey +10XP
Highest Single-Hit Damage: -————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
Most Damage Taken: -———————-Blade +10XP
DM’s Choice (Taintstabber): -————-Mikael Horne +10XP

“Taintstabber? I ’ardly even know ’er!”



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