"The Bear and the Maiden Fair"
KG Session 2

The Execution

“Power corrupts.

“’F I’ve said it once, I’ve said it more’n once. Power corrupts. Tha’s what happened. Give some merchant’s son a Lordship and sud’nly he’s wanting a whole Kingdom. Good eggs goin’ bad ‘n all that. They say he was lookin’ t’hire an army to fight the King, they say. I heard from my friend Lew that it was gonna be an army of dragons, but Lew ain’t got nothing but turnips between his ears.

“Either way, ’f King Gelmar says ’at Lord Tytos was a traitor, ’as good enough for me. Glad they got to ’him ’afore anything bad happened. Am I right?”

-Benjy, Patron at The Bee And Bear
“Anyone wanna buy Ole Benjy another drink?”

The Jester

“If we counted everyone that entered Roinsrest, we’d have more numbers to figure than the Haunted Forest has trees. We have no way of knowing who this fool was, other than his tattoo… Yes, it’s a black candle with a white flame, just there on his left shoulder.

“Oh, and his victim over there? It would seem he’s a Northern merchant. It’s odd, though. He looks to have been killed by a poisoned blade, but we didn’t find any poisoned weapons on the madman… In fact, we didn’t find any weapons on him. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there was some funny business about this whole thing, but the Captain says those four strangers can be trusted and I’m inclined to believe him.”

-Jalon Wend, Roinsrest Coroner
“This isn’t even the strangest case I’ve seen this week. A few days ago they brought in a cockless minotaur.”

Breakfast at Gelmar’s

I would say breakfast went off without a hitch… Until all the hitches happened. Our intrepid heroes found themselves set upon by four assassins, all bearing the same mark as the Jester they killed the previous day.

Taking care of the assassins with (unanticipated, on my part) ease, they escaped the palace just in time to see King Gelmar assassinated. Killed by a poisoned crossbow bolt.

It would seem something bad is afoot.

-Jeremiah, DM


Each character gets 300 XP

Additional Experience:

Best Roleplay: -——————————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
Highest Single-Hit Damage: -————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
Most Damage Taken: -———————-Mikael Horne +10XP
DM’s Choice (Wannabe Showstopper): Sir David Honey +10XP

"Hey! It's the guy who took the penis!"
KG Session 1

The Festival

“At any large festival, there are sure to be a few mishaps. The second day of the Roinsrest festival was no exception. Somehow, a ferocious minotaur called “Gorog the Destroyer” broke free of his handler and began a terrible rampage. It seems the handler was the only civilian casualty, but his body was too badly trampled to examine.

“The minotaur was stopped by an unlikely group of heroes: A man called Blade, a hedge knight I’d never heard of, a great hulking man with a spear, and a female archer. Eyewitness testimony confirms that the beast’s horns were taken by the group as trophies, along with several… other parts…

“The four were rewarded by Lord Dior Fenn on behalf of the Crown.”

-Sir Kris Marlowe, Captain of the City Guard
“… the penis?…”

The Hunt

Though the King was preoccupied on some unspecified business, the hunt held in his honor proceeded as planned. Scores of noblemen and working men alike took to the Kingswood to see who could net the largest boar.

Our group of intrepid adventurers were able to find and kill a massive direboar and several of its children. Rumor has it that one of the boars was brought back alive to be kept as a pet by the group. We’ll see how that turns out.

-Jeremiah, DM
“I wish I took the penis.”

Additional Experience:

Best Roleplay: -———————-Blade +10XP
Highest Single-Hit Damage: -—Ahnastahsya +10XP
Most Damage Taken: -————Sir David Honey +10XP
DM’s Choice (Trophy-Grabber): Mikael Horne +10XP

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