xLord Tytos Fenn

Lord of Senway


Early Life

The first son to Marton Fenn, Tytos was schooled in poetry, mathematics, and swordplay from a young age.

Battle of Senway

Little more than a boy, Tytos Fenn fought for the King during the Rebellion of Senway, even leading his own small sortie to the front gates of Fourwood Hall.

With the rebellion quashed, King Gan Roin named a merchant, scholar, and well-respected man, Marton Fenn, the Lord of Senway.


Lord Tytos followed in his father’s footsteps. He was a just lord and a shrewd businessman. When the former Councillor of Coin died, Tytos recommended his younger brother, Dior, to the King’s Council.

Sadly, even the best men may be corrupted by power. During the year of the Great Festival, Tytos was found guilty of conspiring to commit high treason. Luckily, his plot was discovered in time and he was executed before any harm could come to the King.


xLord Tytos Fenn

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