Lord Skip Captain

High Lord of the North, Lord of Coldport, Captain of "The Mishap"


A former pirate, Captain Skip was offered High Lordship of the North after destroying the Seastone fleet after Lord Seastone murdered King Gordyn during peace talks. He took ‘Captain’ as his surname, to remind his descendants of his roots.

His first act as High Lord of the North was to destroy the Seastone Hall, distribute its wood to his people for repairing their homes, and naming his ship, the Mishap, as his lordly seat.

Originally from the slums of Westharbor, rumor has it that he was born to a Mermaid and a drowned sailor.

Since his Lordship began, he has earned the affections of most of the Northern peasantry, working to lessen their burdens as he was once in their place. The other Lords and High Lords are generally suspicious of him and are not fond of his presence.

Lord Skip Captain

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