xKing Gelmar Roin

King of Geldira, Protector of the Five, High Lord of the Crownlands, Lord of Roinsrest


Early Life

Fifth son to King Gan Roin, Gelmar was trained from a young age to be a great warrior. In the Battle of Senway, Gelmar was squire to Sir Edmund Walker. After the battle was won, Gelmar was knighted by Sir Edmund for his heroism.

While a success, the Battle of Senway left three of his brothers dead, making the 15-year-old Gelmar second in line for the throne.

At age 28, Gelmar married Lady Raia Hotte and a year later, their son Gawen was born.


At age 40, Gelmar was named King when his father and brother were murdered in the Rebellion of the North. The next day, the Rebellion was ended when Captain Skip sank the murderers’ ship. Consequently, Captain Skip was named High Lord of the North.

The ensuing five years of peace and prosperity under Gelmar’s rule has earned him the title of “King Gelmar the Good” among his people.

Assassinated in his 45th year by forces unknown.

xKing Gelmar Roin

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