To Kill a King

KG Session 3

The Escape

“Damn them! We trusted those cunts! We trusted them and they killed the King, Gods rest him.

“Of course they’re guilty! Guilty men don’t flee. Guilty men don’t kill Guardsmen. They cut off Gerold’s leg for Gods’ sake!

“No, we lost track of them near the kitchens, but don’t worry, we’re having our men (or what’s left of them at least) go over that wing with everything we’ve got. If they’re still hiding in the castle, Judge guide us, we’ll find them.”

-Sir Kris Marlowe, Captain of the City Guard
“If I see him again, I’ll take his penis!"

Boats and Hoes (But mostly Boats)

“The jellon is a wondrous fruit. While most know it for its sticky sweet flesh, it is possessed of many unique and curious qualities.

“With surprisingly little effort, jellon sap may be mixed into a nearly undetectable adhesive. This adhesive may not work on all surfaces, but items like porcelain, glass, and tile will stick together with marvelous ease.

“A relatively simple mixture of mashed jellon flesh and some sort of granular substance (wood shavings, flour, wheat husks, sand) creates a blend that holds shape while remaining malleable, and is also lighter than water. The possible applications of this fruit may be endless. Only time will tell how this wondrous melon is used.”

-Arthur Pompelmouse, author of “A Historie of the Vegetation of Geldira”
“Are you jellon? I’m totally jellon.”

Heroes in Diguise

“Yeah, a couple of weirdos came in the other day. Bought some beards and cloaks and all that. Plus a couple of those face changing potions.

“Nah, I didn’t tell them, but you build up a tolerance to them over time. I figure by the time they find out, they’ll be far enough away that it won’t matter. Don’t know where they are, but they probably know by now.”

-Lan Greencloak, costume merchant, Greencloak Apparel, Highwater
“Business integrity? Wazzat?”


Each character gets 325 XP.

Additional Experience:

Best Roleplay: -——————————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
Highest Single-Hit Damage: -————-Ahnastahsya +10XP
Most Damage Taken: -———————-Mikael Horne +10XP
DM’s Choice (I’m on a boat): -————-Ahnastahsya +10XP



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